Darkest Image is OUT!

UPDATE: Get a printed copy of Darkest Image.

If you’re interested in a printed copy of DARKEST IMAGE, pre-order now through the end of November. (*All proceeds go to the CBLDF. Overseas shipping not available)

Darkest Image, the fan-made anthology celebrating Image Comics.

Darkest Image is out now. A fan-made non sanctioned sequel to the seminal “Darker Image”, created by the Cartoonist Kayfabe community to celebrate the early days of Image Comics. 200 pages of stories including one by myself! Go check it out! You can get the digital PDF version now and all proceeds will benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

The book includes my short story “Destroy Everything You Touch”, which I wrote and drew as my early celebration of the 30th anniversary of Image Comics. It’s a riff on some of the old Wildstorm characters, reflecting on their past and their current place in comics. As some of you know, I’m a massive Wildstorm fan and I had an absolute blast putting it all together and I hope you enjoy the result, along the rest of the amazing stories in the book.

For more Image Comics related art, you can check my take on Alan Moore’s lost Gen13 script, or this WildCats piece I drew to mark the 25th anniversary of the Wildstorm imprint.


++ A good tattoo is like a shield. In celebration of 10 years of digital comics, now you can get a digital copy of STEEL RAINING: TOMAHAWK. It’s the longest of the STEEL RAINING comics to date, written and drawn by Alberto. This brand new arc explores the early days of this near future metropolis and the dubious origins of Nordn, its self-appointed protector. He’s delirious, he’s an outlaw and he’s back in this street level tale of superhero delusion.

Get a digital copy of STEEL RAINING: TOMAHAWK

++ With the ComiXology restructure, the book is now available for the Amazon Kindle. But additionally, you can find a DRM free copy in our itch.io and Ko.fi stores too. Those provide both the PDF and CBZ versions. Pick your favorite platform and get a digital copy of STEEL RAINING: TOMAHAW now.

++ STEEL RAINING: TOMAHAWk is available on Kindle | Google Play | itch.io | ko-fi

Get a digital copy of STEEL RAINING: TOMAHAWK
Get a digital copy of STEEL RAINING: TOMAHAWK

Our Gumroad storefront is now on hold.

++ After concerns of Gumroad embracing crypto and NFTs emerged, I decided to put my account on hold and move my comics to some alternative storefronts. If you purchased any of my comics using Gumroad in the past, you can still find them inside of your library as usual. I’m sorry for any inconvenience.