Tomahawk Summer Sale

++ My comic TOMAHAWK is now 50% off as part of the #itchio Summer Sale. This is the DRM free version and includes both PDF and CBZ files. 

Check it out!

++ A good tattoo is like a shield. Celebrating 10 years of digital comics, TOMAHAWK is the longest of the STEEL RAINING comics to date. A 32 page fully digital comic-book exploring the early days of this near future metropolis and the shady origins of Nordn, its self-appointed protector. A street level tale of superhero delusion, now available as a DRM free download, with both PDF and CBZ versions included.

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Milk Petrol Ketchup preview

++ A few months ago, I completed a short 1min video/film using Blender3D. It’s called ‘Milk, Petrol, Ketchup‘ and It’s part of the STEEL RAINING setting. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to share it with you all. My initial plans fell through, but it’s safe to say It will eventually make it to my website. This is a little bit of a preview, but keep an eye here for news.

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A list of all my published comics

A list of Alberto's published comics

Here’s a comprehensive list of Alberto’s published comics, starting with his creator owned series STEEL RAINING and Cercenador, all the way to some smaller contributions as a color assistant. The list will be updated over time and you can find further examples of his work on DevianArt and Behance.

Published Comics

Trading Card Sets

Check the video playlist for an indepth look at Alberto’s work as a sketchcard artist. He’s contributed to a variety of sets over the years, including:

  • 2010 MARVEL Heroes & Villains
  • 2010 MARVEL Dangerous Divas
  • 2011 MARVEL Universe
  • 2011 MARVEL The Avengers Greatest Heroes
  • 2012 MARVEL Bronze Age
  • 2012 MARVEL Greatest Battles
  • 2012 MARVEL Sgt. Fury
  • 2013 MARVEL Women of Marvel
  • 2013 MARVEL Universe II
  • 2014 MARVEL 75th Anniversary
  • 2015 MARVEL The Avengers
  • 2015 DC Supervillains
  • 2016 DC Justice League
  • 2016 DC Bombshells
  • 2018 DC Bombshells II
  • 2019 DC Bombshells III
  • 2018 Rick & Morty
  • 2012 Warlord of Mars
  • 2013 Valiant Comics