Welcome to the new Pencil in Pain

Welcome to Pencil in Pain. We’ve been taking advantage of the summer months to clean the website and put some order here. The new blog is functional again and we’re slowly reuploading the old content while adding some brand new stuff. We’re still tweaking things here and there, though. If you experience any downtime, remember you can always visit our social profiles for further information and contact.


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Steel Raining: Laquelaq

Laquelaq, la nueva actualización de Steel Raining, es un experimento corto con el formato slideshow donde intentamos trasladar al cómic el lenguaje del videoclip. Aunque lo tienes disponible aquí en la web, está pensado para ser leído en tu tablet o escritorio.

Laquelaq is a very short experiment in comics, trying to replicate the language of videoclips using the popular panel-to-panel format. You can read the story here and open them with your favorite .CBR or .CBZ reader (I.E. CDisplay). I did my best to provide an English translation, but keep in mind that isn’t my first language, so let me know if you find some typos or mistakes. Laquelaq works best with music.