Get my digital comic STEEL RAINING: Tomahawk on Gumroad

++ A good tattoo is like a shield. Celebrating 10 years of digital comics, TOMAHAWK is the longest of the STEEL RAINING comics to date. A 32 page fully digital comic book, written and drawn by Alberto, exploring the early days of this near future metropolis and the dubious origins of Nordn, it’s self-appointed protector. A tale of street uprising and delusion, now available in my Gumroad store as a DRM free download, with both PDF and CBZ versions included. Check it out>>

DC Bombshells II Sketchcards

Some of my official hand painted DC Bombshells II sketchcards, out now from Cryptozoic Entertainment. The DC Bombshells alternate universe depicts the heroines of DC comics in a retro 1940s look inspired on the work and designs of Ant Lucia. Among the characters I painted are Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Superman, Batman, Flash and many others.

DC Bombshells 001
DC Bombshells 002

Darkest Image is OUT!

UPDATE: Get a printed copy of Darkest Image.

If you’re interested in a printed copy of DARKEST IMAGE, pre-order now through the end of November. (*All proceeds go to the CBLDF. Overseas shipping not available)

Darkest Image, the fan-made anthology celebrating Image Comics.

Darkest Image is out now. A fan-made non sanctioned sequel to the seminal “Darker Image”, created by the Cartoonist Kayfabe community to celebrate the early days of Image Comics. 200 pages of stories including one by myself! Go check it out! You can get the digital PDF version now and all proceeds will benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

I drew “Destroy Everything You Touch” as my early celebration of the 30th anniversary of Image. It’s a riff on some of the old Wildstorm characters, reflecting on their past and their current place in comics. I had an absolute blast putting it all together and I hope you enjoy the result, along the rest of the amazing stories in the book.

Cercenador en Amazon Kindle

Parece que a lo largo de este mes ComiXology va a introducir cambios en su tienda. Por eso desde hoy “Cercenador: Corta y Pega” está disponible para Kindle eBook a través de Amazon.

Nos dicen que este cambio no afectará a quienes ya habéis comprado Cercenador en ComiXology. El cómic seguirá disponible para leer dentro de vuestra cuenta.

Mike Stanton, ‘el Cercenador” de Detroit , ha caído en desgracia. Sicario, caza-recompensas, matón. Hace años fue el pistolero más implacable del país —el jodido número uno—, y su colección de trofeos crecía día a día. Mike guardaba concienzudamente un recuerdo de cada una de sus víctimas: un dedo de cada presa que se dejó cazar.