DC Justice League Sketchcards

It’s time to share some of my offcial DC Comics Justice League sketchcards, coming out on June 29th 2016 from Cryptozoic Entertainment.

This particular set is intended to represent Madame Xanadu’s mystic deck of tarot cards and includes depictions of Superman (the hero), Batman (the detective), Wonder Woman (the warrior), Flash (the messenger), Aquaman (the king), Simon Baz (the miracle worker), Captain Marvel (the boy), Green Arrow (the archer) and the Martian Manhunter (the alien). Keeping with the tarot theme, I decided to use a replica of a 1726 french deck as a reference for some of the drawings. The Justice League film is undergoing principal photography and is scheduled to be released on November 2017.

As a bonus, here’s the artwork I created to use as the title and thumbnail in the video above. Good luck with your pulls!

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