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Steel Raining 62

Este cómic es un maldito caos. Alguno se puede haber dado cuenta de que con la nueva versión de la web desaparecieron algunas páginas de Steel Raining. Eran parte de una vieja historia que quedó inconclusa y que (de momento) no tengo intención de completar. Tenemos demasiados frentes abiertos y va siendo hora de poner un poco de orden. Pero eso no significa que todos esos personajes hayan desaparecido, o que no vayan a tener relevancia en el futuro de SR. Ahora que esas páginas no están, necesitábamos volver a presentar al Doctor Millennium, que jugará un papel importante en lo que está por venir.

Hey, Doc. Te veo bien. Igual de capullo que siempre.

I’m in Harley Quinn #0 Director’s Cut


You may remember some time ago I took part in that controversial Harley Quinn tryout contest with this page in here.

Jeremy Roberts was the well deserved winner of that competition and I remember I was crushed when I finally saw how wonderful his entry was. The guy is truly amazing.

But a few weeks ago, DC Comics contacted me to have my page included in the extras of Harley Quinn #0 Director’s Cut, along with some other finalists of the contest. I’m humbled to have my artwork showcased in there, surrounder by some of the greatest names in the business, whose work I truly admire and was the reason I started drawing in the first place. This may very well be the peak of this weird comic book career of mine, so here it is. Check It out.

Let me thank DC Entertainment and whoever thought my artwork should be included in there, as well as everybody else, (friends, family, fans, collaborators) for their support and words of encouragement over the years.

Now I guess this will be hard to top. But you know what? You never know.

See you around.