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Inktober 2017 sketches

Some of my Inktober 2017 sketches. I hadn’t planned to take the challenge this year, but somehow I managed to make it to the end. This is the second time I’ve completed all 31 drawings since the 2014 edition, which you can check here.

Inktober 2017
Inktober 2017
Inktober 2017

Apr 06, 2017: Tomahawk

Let’s make this roll. My new comic is called TOMAHAWK and it will run for 22 weeks at TAPASTIC, starting April 06.

TOMAHAWK is the story of a chase. A tale on how to escape forward. There are japanese lovers, fake superheroes and a chichuahua with a pearl necklace. I’m making a big effort to have an english version running along the spanish one. I hope you enjoy.

Get ready. Come join us!


Vamos a poner esto en marcha. Mi cómic nuevo se titula TOMAHAWK y correrá durante 22 semanas por TAPASTIC, a partir del 06 de Abril.

TOMAHAWK es una historia de persecuciones, de huir hacia adelante. Hay una amante japonesa y superhéroes de mentira. También sale un chihuahua con collar de perlas. Versiones en español e inglés.