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DC Bombshells II Sketchcards

Some of my official hand painted DC Bombshells II sketchcards, out now from Cryptozoic Entertainment. The DC Bombshells alternate universe depicts the heroines of DC comics in a retro 1940s look inspired on the work and designs of Ant Lucia. Among the characters I painted are Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Superman, Batman, Flash and many others.

DC Bombshells 001

DC Bombshells 002


Rick and Morty: Season 1 Sketchcards

Here’s a sample of the hand painted sketchcards I made for the official Rick and Morty: season 1 set of collectible trading cards, developed by Cryptozoic Entertainment. Also, check a timelapse of me drawing one of the cards. These are out now!

Get ready to relive all the zany moments from the first season of Adult Swim’s smash hit TV series Rick and Morty, as brilliant scientist Rick Sanchez creates amazing gadgets and goes on adventures across the universe with his grandson Morty, often endangering his family and all of reality in the process!

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