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Cercenador en Google Play


¡Ahora el Cercenador también corta dedos en las pantallas táctiles! Si todavía no te habías dejado atrapar por el cocinero más gordo y violento del cómic, ésta es tu oportunidad. “Corta y Pega”, la primera aventura de Mike Stanton y sus amigos, ya está disponible en Google Play.


Cercenador en GRAF Madrid 2014

El proximo sábado 15 de noviembre repetimos en el festival GRAF de cómic de autor y edición independiente. Estaremos con Cercenador, junto a otros muchos amigos y expositores, en el Museo ABC de Madrid (Amaniel 29). Aquí podéis encontrar todos los detalles. Venid a vernos!

Next saturday the 15 we’ll be attending the GRAF festival of independent publishing. We’ll be there with Cercenador and a lots of friends, all together in the ABC Museum for graphic arts (Amaniel 29, Madrid). All the details are here. Come meet us!

GRAF madrid 2014

Inktober 2014


Every October, artists all over the world take on the InkTober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month. These here are just a sample of my sketches for the 2014 edition, but you can check all 31 of them here, inside a small motion book. Some are better than others, but I’m really happy I managed to finish them all.

I think I’ll be skipping Movember, though.

Inktober 2014 – A Pencil in Pain sketchbook by PencilInPain on deviantART

Inktober 2014

I’m in Harley Quinn #0 Director’s Cut


You may remember some time ago I took part in that controversial Harley Quinn tryout contest with this page in here.

Jeremy Roberts was the well deserved winner of that competition and I remember I was crushed when I finally saw how wonderful his entry was. The guy is truly amazing.

But a few weeks ago, DC Comics contacted me to have my page included in the extras of Harley Quinn #0 Director’s Cut, along with some other finalists of the contest. I’m humbled to have my artwork showcased in there, surrounder by some of the greatest names in the business, whose work I truly admire and was the reason I started drawing in the first place. This may very well be the peak of this weird comic book career of mine, so here it is. Check It out.

Let me thank DC Entertainment and whoever thought my artwork should be included in there, as well as everybody else, (friends, family, fans, collaborators) for their support and words of encouragement over the years.

Now I guess this will be hard to top. But you know what? You never know.

See you around.