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Star Trek #58 Cover

The cat is out of the bag! I couldn’t be happier to show my cover for Star Trek #58, coming in June 2016 from IDW Publishing. You can check the full IDW solicitations here. © Idea and Design Works, LLC.

A look at one of my comic-book pages.

Some people seem to have trouble wrapping their heads around the concept of layers in Photoshop and other similar drawing applications. I thought It would be fun to get a 3D visualization of one of my PSDs and see everything that’s going on in my layers panel in one go. But even though my pages are made of dozens of layers, I strongly advise merging and flattering as often as possible. It’s smart to anticipate future changes or corrections, but sometimes you just have to commit to your decissions and pick a direction.

This is a page from a Steel Raining story I’m working on at the moment. The art is not final, but I swear It will be. I’ll make it be.